Aresenio’s Mexican Food

Arsenio’s Mexican Food

Arnsenio’s Mexican Food in Santa Ana is a part of a chain of eighteen restaurants across Southern California. The locations were often former locations of chain restaurants so they vary in size. The Costa Mesa location for example was a former original style Taco Bell location with very little inside seating and a small amount […]

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Black Bear Diner

Not a bad way to start the day Several years ago i visited a Black Bear Diner location in Klamath Falls, Oregon but until more recently there wasn’t locations in Southern California. The chain begun in Mount Shasta, California in 1995 and now has 143 locations in 14 states. Black Bear Diner is known for […]

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Concert At 4th Street Market

The 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana is having a music event with three musicians performing in the Songwriter Sessions in an event sponsored Francis Co & Company. The three performers are Eddie Navega, Molly Walburn and Vox H. The show takes place this Saturday at 1 pm with it taking place on the […]

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happy ethnic woman eating radish in backyard

Sidewalk Dining Should It Remain?

During the pandemic many cities allowed restaurants to add tables on the sidewalks and even parking spaces or parking lots to help the businesses mostly restaurants maintain social distancing. By allowing these businesses to do that it helped them stay open and employ staff which with no eating allowed inside for a long time or […]

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Fakas Restaurant 4th Street Market

On my recent trip to the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana i walked around checking out all the various food options available and, decided on Fakas Restaurant. All the restaurants in 4th Street Market are as they are pictured small kitchens with a serving window to order your food which you then take to […]

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4th Street Market

Recently i headed over to the 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana its a food hall that aims to foster new and emerging ideas in food. Instead of a traditional food hall with a big open space with restaurants on each side this food hall is several corridors with a wide arrange of small […]

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