Santa Ana Approves $4 An Hour For Grocery Workers

a couple buying vegetable inside a grocery store

The Santa Ana City Council has approved a ordinance requiring $4 per hour raise hazard pay for grocery workers. The council voted 5-2 in favor of the ordinance which will last 120 days and, largely be for the large national grocery chains.

City Manager Lori Ann Farrell Harrison said the ordinance would apply to about 12 stores in Santa Ana. Grocery stores already offering things such as temporary raises to its workers would have that amount deducted from the $4 per hour the ordinance requires.

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I can understand the city trying to help grocery workers who have worked hard under difficult circumstances with customers who are stressed and some that refuse to wear mask or are abusive. My issue with this and similar ordinances what about the rest of the people working at other stores such as the Targets and Lowes which are classified as vital what about them.

The grocery companies could take it on the chin as at the moment its only for 120 days or they could try to offset the cost with higher prices, cutting employees hours or in the case of Kroger in Long Beach permanently close stores.

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