Fakas Restaurant 4th Street Market

On my recent trip to the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana i walked around checking out all the various food options available and, decided on Fakas Restaurant. All the restaurants in 4th Street Market are as they are pictured small kitchens with a serving window to order your food which you then take to a seating section.

After browsing the menu I decided to order and then the cashier mentioned they were out of their coleslaw and i could have extra rice instead. I told her I’m not much of a rice fan and she said i would get extra Mac and cheese instead. When i got my order i had got an extra order of the rice instead of the Mac and, cheese not a big deal but there was a communication lapse in the kitchen oh well.

I took the food to the 4th Street Markets outside covered patio which is a pleasant space and, as you can see from the picture above has long wooden tables and, heaters. There is also some large wooden games or table tennis to play if you want.

I had ordered the chicken and it was really tender the sauce it was in was really sweet maybe too sweet for some but for me it was fine. The Mac and cheese was good and some fruit was included in the box. The rice was soft and, seemed okay but as i said I’m not a rice person so it was mostly lost on me.

The food was good and, i would visit Faka’s Restaurant again but maybe on my next trip i will check out another of the many restaurants at the 4th Street Market.

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