Inside The Walt Disney Archives At The Bowers Museum

Inside The Walt Disney Archives At The Bowers Museum

You still have time to check out Inside the “Walt Disney Archives: 50 Years of Preserving the Magic” a great exhibition going on through June 20th at the Bowers Museum. The name pretty much explains what it is and, its well worth checking out if you are a Walt Disney fan.


2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana

Closed Mondays, Ticket price is $1o to $15 or free for children 12 and younger

Phone: (714) 567-3600 Website:

Santa Ana Vaccination Site To Close June 6th

Santa Ana Vaccination Site To Close June 6th

The Orange County Health Care Agency has announced that the vaccination site at Santa Ana College will close June 6th along with the other Orange County mega vaccine sites; The sites in Costa Mesa at the OC Fair and Event Center, Soka University and the Anaheim Convention Center are also closing June 6th as the county will switch to more localized mobile units.

The use of the huge vaccination sites has dropped by 75 percent since April so now the focus will be in the neighborhoods where people unable to travel to the mega sites especially the elderly will be the target. The new mobile units will be available after June 6th with walk up and appointment services depending on how much vaccine is available.

Inside The Walt Disney Archives At The Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum In Santa Ana Has Reopened

Museums in Southern California and Orange County have been hard hit by COVID-19 with them closed for a year. The Bowers Museum here in Santa Ana reopened on St Patrick’s Day with 25 percent capacity as well as wearing a mask and, distancing requirements that we all have become used too.

The museum opened briefly in September through December when Orange County previously entered the red tier, hopefully the museum can remain open permanent now. The museum is also requiring the safety procedures for its outdoor rentals as wall as micro weddings.

Location & Hours

2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Open Tuesday through Sunday 10 am to 4pm

Santa Ana Approves $4 An Hour For Grocery Workers

Santa Ana Approves $4 An Hour For Grocery Workers

The Santa Ana City Council has approved a ordinance requiring $4 per hour raise hazard pay for grocery workers. The council voted 5-2 in favor of the ordinance which will last 120 days and, largely be for the large national grocery chains.

City Manager Lori Ann Farrell Harrison said the ordinance would apply to about 12 stores in Santa Ana. Grocery stores already offering things such as temporary raises to its workers would have that amount deducted from the $4 per hour the ordinance requires.

woman standing beside pineapple fruits
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I can understand the city trying to help grocery workers who have worked hard under difficult circumstances with customers who are stressed and some that refuse to wear mask or are abusive. My issue with this and similar ordinances what about the rest of the people working at other stores such as the Targets and Lowes which are classified as vital what about them.

The grocery companies could take it on the chin as at the moment its only for 120 days or they could try to offset the cost with higher prices, cutting employees hours or in the case of Kroger in Long Beach permanently close stores.

Santa Ana Vaccination Site To Close June 6th

Vaccine Site To Open At Santa Ana College

A third super vaccine site is going to open at Santa Ana College the new site is in addition to the two sites now open at Disneyland and, Soka University in Aliso Viejo.

Santa Ana has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic so a nearby vaccine site for those eligible is good news. To visit the location you will have to sign up at the counties website as its by appointment only.

No Mask No Ride On OC Bus Service

No Mask No Ride On OC Bus Service

Recently President Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring masks be worn on all public transport.

Because of the recent executive order the OCTA is requiring masks be worn at all times on all OC Bus services. Previously it was required but drivers wouldn’t enforce the rule which annoyed most riders by the small percentage that ignored the rule.

The buses now have no mask no ride on the buses front display board as well as having prerecorded announcements onboard. In a pandemic riding on a bus which is a small enclosed space doesn’t make people feel the greatest but now at least everyone will be wearing masks.

If you don’t have a mask generally they have them available for free in a box to the left of were you pay if not sometimes the driver has some.

Fakas Restaurant 4th Street Market

Fakas Restaurant 4th Street Market

On my recent trip to the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana i walked around checking out all the various food options available and, decided on Fakas Restaurant. All the restaurants in 4th Street Market are as they are pictured small kitchens with a serving window to order your food which you then take to a seating section.

After browsing the menu I decided to order and then the cashier mentioned they were out of their coleslaw and i could have extra rice instead. I told her I’m not much of a rice fan and she said i would get extra Mac and cheese instead. When i got my order i had got an extra order of the rice instead of the Mac and, cheese not a big deal but there was a communication lapse in the kitchen oh well.

I took the food to the 4th Street Markets outside covered patio which is a pleasant space and, as you can see from the picture above has long wooden tables and, heaters. There is also some large wooden games or table tennis to play if you want.

I had ordered the chicken and it was really tender the sauce it was in was really sweet maybe too sweet for some but for me it was fine. The Mac and cheese was good and some fruit was included in the box. The rice was soft and, seemed okay but as i said I’m not a rice person so it was mostly lost on me.

The food was good and, i would visit Faka’s Restaurant again but maybe on my next trip i will check out another of the many restaurants at the 4th Street Market.

Inside The Walt Disney Archives At The Bowers Museum

Santa Ana Council Split On Grocery Workers Hazard Pay

The Santa Ana City Council is divided on if to require $4 per hour hazard pay for Santa Ana grocery workers. If enacted the law would require grocery stores to pay their employees an extra $4 per hour for four months.

The council will decide by March if they want to enact this law with Costa Mesa another city considering a similar law. The day after a similar law called Hero’s Pay was enacted in Long Beach, Kroger announced that it was closing a Ralphs location as well as a Food 4 Less location in the city because of the law.


The fact that the city is trying to help some of its residents who work retail and put their health at risk in this pandemic is admirable but this law could do more damage than help.

Supermarkets in general are a low margin business and, these added wage costs even for just a few months could force a store to close which isn’t helping the employees. In the case of Kroger which is a huge company they could have suffered this for a few months and, kept these stores open but i think they were trying to send a message to other cities that are thinking about such laws.

I don’t know how Santa Ana would be able to enforce this law and, what about pharmacy workers, employees at Target, Home Depot, Tj Maxx or other stores.

Santa Ana already has the highest sales tax in the county making the city more business unfriendly even for a short time is not a good thing. I would love for all people who face the public and, put themselves at risk right now to get a $4 an hour hazard pay boost but i don’t think its feasible.

4th Street Market

4th Street Market

Recently i headed over to the 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana its a food hall that aims to foster new and emerging ideas in food. Instead of a traditional food hall with a big open space with restaurants on each side this food hall is several corridors with a wide arrange of small restaurants along the corridors.

Even during these strange pandemic times many of the small counter restaurants were open although some are only open limited hours or days. The individual hours of the restaurants vary but at the moment the 4th Street Market 8 am to 8 pm Sunday through Wednesday and 8 pm to 10 pm Thursday to Sunday.

In the center of the market is a central patio area with lots of seating as as you can see from the pictures with heaters. If you need to keep the kids amused there is a few large wooden games and a table tennis table.

The food options vary and are generally very good and, its nice to be able to select from many restaurants in a small area, definitely a place to check out for all you foodies.


201 East 4th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Free Coffee At Corner Bakery In Santa Ana

Free Coffee At Corner Bakery In Santa Ana

The Corner Bakery at South Coast Village and the nearby location in Costa Mesa at South Coast Plaza have a promotion running through March 31st for a free daily coffee. To get the free daily coffee you just have to sign up for their rewards program either through the app or their website.

The offer is good for one regular coffee, espresso, cold brew, iced, hand roasted or hot tea daily. Specialty drinks as you might expect are excluded but free coffee for a poor blogger like me is always good.

Check out the Corner Bakery website for more information.

Story courtesy of Costa Mesa

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